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Solar Powered Attic Fan


Universal Mounting Bracket for Remote Solar Panel
  • Solar panel mounting brackets have adjustable tilt angle

  • All Metal Construction

  • Weather-Resistant


Buy Now - $39.99


1040 tax credit

When used as an integral part of the solar fan assembly, this item typically qualifies for $11.99 in energy tax credits.

Special Offer:

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(Offer valid through March 2019.)

The universal bracket provides an alternate method for mounting the remote solar panel.  The solar panel mounting bracket raises and allows for tilting of the panel.  This in turn, allows the fan to be located on eastern or northern roof slopes.  In some cases tilting the panel will allow it to capture more energy from the sun.

Solar panel mounting brackets are for use with the following Attic Breeze models:


  • AB-201D

  • AB-202D

  • AB-203D

  • AB-204D

  • AB-251D

  • AB-252D

  • AB-253D

  • AB-254D

  • AB-255

  • AB-256


  • AB-257D

  • AB-258D

  • AB-259D

  • AB-250D

  • AB-255C

  • AB-256C

  • AB-401D

  • AB-402D

  • AB-403D

  • AB-404D

  • AB-405D

  • AB-406D

For optimum efficiency, it is best to face the solar panel due south, and at some angle of tilt.  The angle of tilt can be adjusted with this pivot bracket.

Angle of Tilt:

In general, the angle of tilt (from horizontal) for a solar panel should be equal to your latitude plus 15 degrees during the winter or minus 15 degrees during the summer.  You can choose whether to optimize your fan for summer or winter depending on its purpose.  If unsure, installing the solar panel pole mount in the middle works well during both seasons.

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