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Spray Foam Calculator

Enter your information into the spray foam insulation estimate calculator to determine how much foam you need for your project

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    Total Area:* ft²
    Cured Thickness:* in.
    Which of the applications listed below best describes your project:

Lumber Size Chart:
  List / Actual (in.)
  2x4 / 1.5 x 3.5
  2x6 / 1.5 x 5.5
  2x8 / 1.5 x 7.25
  2x10 / 1.5 x 9.25
  2x12 / 1.5 x 11.25

A. Spraying foam on an open surface and covering over it. (i.e. an open wall cavity and covering with drywall, stage props, critical air seal)

B. Spraying foam on an open surface and leaving it exposed. (i.e. under a floor in a crawlspace, duckwork, rim joists)

C. Filling an enclosed cavity with foam. (i.e. filling an existing block wall cavity, boat pontoon)

D. Spraying a roof foam system. (i.e. patching/repairing foam on the exterior side of a roof)

E. Spraying interior walls / floors for sound reduction. (i.e. home theater room)


    Required Volume: 0.0 ft³
    Required Board Feet: 0


Note: When using this spray foam insulation cost calculator, it is generally a good idea to factor in about 10% extra spray foam insulation cost to account for over spray, waste and yield variations due to your particular ambient conditions.  Depending on how close your calculated requirements are to the actual yield of the recommended kit size or quantity, you may need more material to complete your project.

Recommended Installed Thickness Chart

ApplicationType of FoamThickness (inches)
Metal BuildingsClosed Cell, 1.75 lb.0.5 - 2
Walls (Hybrid Installation)Closed Cell, 1.75 lb.0.5 - 2
Walls Non-HybridClosed Cell, 1.75 lb.2 - 3.5
Walls (Southern Climates or Sound Proofing)Open Cell, 0.75 lb.3 - 5.5
Ceiling Hybrid InstallationClosed Cell, 1.75 lb.0.5 - 1
Roof (Attic Side Open Cell)Open Cell, 0.75 lb.5 - 6
Roof (Top side, flat roof)Closed Cell, 2.5 lb.1 - 2
Floor (Air Seal)Closed Cell, 1.75 lb.0.5 - 1
Floor (Air Seal & Insulate)Closed Cell, 1.75 lb.1 - 3
Crawl Space Walls (Air Seal)Closed Cell, 1.75 lb.0.5 - 1
Crawl Space Walls (Insulate)Closed Cell, 1.75 lb.1 - 2.5

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