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We are your source for energy efficient products and information.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Energy Efficient Solutions LLC is threefold.

  • To find, implement, and educate others on effective ways to increase the energy efficiency of their home or building and save money on energy costs, without inconvenience or loss of comfort.
  • Improve the quality of life and comfort for all.
  • To be a reputable business, while remaining trustworthy, honest, useful, and helpful.

While providing the ways and means to save money through more efficient energy utilization is our core focus; reducing pollution, eliminating dependencies on foreign oil, and cleaning up the environment are added benefits of better home energy efficiency. 


We offer a variety of products and information to help increase the overall efficiency and comfort level of your home.  Below is a partial list of our current line:

    - Radiant Barrier & Accessories
    - Spray Foam Kits & Accessories
    - Solar Powered Attic Fans
    - Garage Door Insulation Kits
    - Water Heater Jackets
    - Low Flow Shower Heads
    - Power Meters
    - Hygrometer
    - Air Flow tools, Smoke Pens

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