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Handi-Fill® - Foam Insulation for Existing Walls

Handi-Fill® Wall Seal effectively fills blind wall cavities where there may be little to no existing insulation.

Now there is finally a way to properly seal and insulate existing wall cavities without removing sheet rock.  In the past, insulating existing walls has been done mainly by utilizing blown cellulose, a recycled news paper product.  The drawbacks of cellulose are that it does not air seal and it settles over time leaving a void at the top.  Handi-Fill® Wall Seal is the only polyurethane foam on the market designed specifically for wall cavities.  The competition uses Terpolymer based spray foam insulation in existing walls which tend to shrink over time and completely loose their ability to air seal.

Get a Quote:

If you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, please call one of our local service providers below for more information and a quote on insulating walls with foam.  Our service providers are trained professionals with the specialized equipment and knowledge to get your job insulating existing interior or exterior walls done right.

Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating Co.
3006 Skyway Cir S.
Irving, TX 75038

How does Handi-Fill Wall Seal stack up?

FiberglassDense Pack CelluloseTripolymer Injected FoamHandi-Fill® Wall Seal
Flows to Fill Cavity
Resists Shrinkage
Stops Air Leakage
Non Settling
Flows through Intricate, Complex Shapes
Energy Efficient Solutions LLC is an independently owned and operated distributor of HANDI-FOAM® and its related products.  These products are intended for professional use only.

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