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Radiant Barrier Testimonials

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These radiant barrier reviews are from actual customers. If you would like to submit feedback, please send us an email and we'll post your radiant barrier foil review below.

I installed your ARMA FOIL product this past winter and the results have, indeed, exceeded our expectations. We have an all electric 2800 sq. ft. home and we experienced at least a 1/3 reduction in our monthly electric costs during the summer months. We installed the product in our attic by stapling it to the roof chords. This process was time consuming and expensive to install. I feel the investment in the product as well as cost of installation was well worth it, however.
      This winter I will install the same product in the attic of our garage as well as installing the garage door kit.

   Larry Simonette
   Salado, TX

Just wanted to send a quick testimonial about the success I have had with your product.  I ordered 3000 sq. feet of the ARMA FOIL and stapled it to the underside of the roof joists in my central Florida home.  The product was shipped and arrived quickly.  Installation was done without any other help and was relatively simple; the only difficulty I had was caused by my low sloping roof which made access to the outer edges a little difficult but with time I learned little tricks that helped tremendously.  I completed half of my house the first weekend of January, after that my time was occupied with other things so I didn?t finish the rest of the roof up until April 6, 2008.  The first half of the attic I did included the garage and the living room and the roof surfaces faced south and north.  I immediately noticed that my garage stayed remarkably cooler than it previously had; there was never any insulation over it so it was constantly hot and humid.  At the end of March and beginning of April I completed the other half of the attic; the roof surfaces there faced east and west.  Since I finished I have noticed that my air conditioner turns on less and seems to run for a shorter period of time when it is on.  The most recent bill isn?t a full billing cycle with the radiant barrier installed, I can?t wait to see next months bill.  If savings average this much per month the product will pay for itself in less than a year.  Here are the numbers for this billing cycle compared to the same billing cycle from last year; and remember this isn?t a full cycle with the radiant barrier installed.

Average Monthly High Temp
Service Days
Cost Per Day
76 deg F
77 deg F

Michael B.
     Central Florida

I will say that both radiant barrier orders I placed shipped to me quickly and I was impressed with the quality of the product.  After having several estimates by local contractors and one from a major Home Improvement Store for both spray and foil...not one had the same quality in the material of the foil product samples like that I purchased from Energy Efficient Solutions.
      I purchased a radiant barrier to be placed in my attic and also on my garage ceiling.  I am extremely pleased with the products and spent weeks researching radiant barriers and searching tons of websites.
      But no other website offered so many installation tips, product information, and a fair unbiased review of the products on the market.  After receiving the Radiant Barrier I ordered, I contacted Energy Efficient Solutions with many questions due to the layout of my attic that I hoped they could give me some guidance on and I got a response in less than 24 hours that went above and beyond in the level of professionalism and expert advice for installing the radiant barrier and provided information to other questions to improve efficiency in my home that I hope will lower my utility cost.
      This product is top quality, it will save you money, add comfort, and add value to your home.  Really it will pay for itself by the savings on your electric bills.  I would highly recommend Energy Efficient Solutions and I look forward to purchasing future home improvement products from them.
   McKinney, TX

We are experiencing 95™ + heat every day and I've already seen a real reduction in my air conditioning load.  Before putting the radiant barrier in we had to keep the thermostat set at 76 and then on 95™ days it would get to 82 or 83 in the dinning room and the computer room.  Since installing it in the attic we now are able to set the thermostat at 78™ and maintain the rest of the house at 79 or at most 80.  Also the air conditioner shuts off during the day many times now and before on those hot days it never shut off, because it could not keep up.
      Obviously, I don't know how much we are going to save on energy because I've only today completed most of the attic.  I still have the area over the kitchen to finish (probably tomorrow morning) and then we will have to wait a month or two to see the utility bills.  But I know that we are saving a bundle and even if we weren't the house is much more comfortable than it has ever been.   I've lived in the house since 1998 and replaced the air conditioner in 1999 or 2000.

I really appreciate the way in which you handled my order and believe that this product is going to save me tons of money.
   Don Elliott
   North Carolina

Attic before RB  Radiant Barrier installed

Update: I have tracked my energy usage now for several months since installing Radiant Barrier in both the attic and the crawl space and I am experiencing an energy savings of 12-25% depending on the month and the temperature range.  This is using usage data provide by the electric company and is comparing kw usage for months with the same average temperature.  This last month I saved $38.00 at this rate it won't take long to recoup my investment.  Thanks again for making this product available.

I ordered a 1,000 foot roll of the perforated radiant barrier foil from you a month ago to install in my attic...Wow!  This is great stuff!  I installed myself per your advice and the temperature in my attic has dropped 50% [of temperature above ambient].  I would like to order an additional roll to use in both my detached double garage and workshop.  Thanks so much for making this economical and wonderful product available.
   J. Farquharson
   Panama, FL

I can't resist telling you about the greatest insulation ever.  I bought 1200 square feet of radiant barrier (like thick, perforated aluminum foil) from and hired a student to spread it over the existing insulation in my attic last week.  The results have been amazing.  All this week the overnight temperatures outside were in the high 30's or low 40's, yet my thermostat, set for 58 degrees overnight, never was less than 63 degrees when I got up in the morning.  This morning it was 65 degrees!  Think how much natural gas I'm saving.  I just had to tell you in case you wanted to try it yourselves.  Check out the web site and get the perforated stuff to let moisture pass out.  In our climate it acts like a blanket, keeps the heat in during the winter and hot out in the summer.
   Margaret Schaefer

I just wanted to tell you that if you ever need me to provide a recommendation for others or for your website, I will be glad to give it.  This Radiant Barrier works 100 times over what I expected.  I already no longer feel any heat from the ceiling above.  The temperatures yesterday hit 97 degrees and my AC was able to gain ground during the hottest part of the day, which it has never done.  This product should be made part of the building codes and be required for all new residential housing construction.  Thanks for your help to my questions in the past.  Great product!
   Raymond Manley
   Gardner, KS

I just purchased my 2nd roll of your product.  My first purchase was RB-MAX and I just purchased RB-Ind which looks like the same product.  I'm very very happy with my initial purchase.  I well understood the science behind the product, but it took seeing the product at work to really appreciate its qualities.  Firstly when you advertised it wasn't possible to tear the product by hand I was quite skeptical...until I took my best grip and REALLY tried to put a tear into it..Wow that really IS tough!  Needless to say I couldn't do it.
      For my application I have a newly installed hydronic radiant heating under the main floor and upper floor of my house.  The ceiling is exposed in the unfinished basement and in the middle of winter it was a toasty 72 degrees down there which is what I did NOT want!  That was simply wasted energy.  I purchased 1000sq ft and stapled it up under the floor joists and within 1-2 days it had dropped down to 48 degrees.  I was never so happy to be cold.  Excellent product that performed very well.  I couldn't be more happy.  Next roll is to fix that 130 degree attic!
   Justin Deltener
   Erie, ND

Wow Great Stuff!  I am single woman homeowner, and with a few tears and very sore muscles did it myself.

I have old Cape Cod with ?bump-out? storage for both upstairs bedrooms, on both sides.  There was 1500 SQ feet of space with much bare roof and siding wood.  There is some horrible flaking off old fiberglass stuff around and blown in dirty old felt out the eaves.  The ?storage areas? had roofing flakes, bugs and holes between outer boards to sunlight.

My two bedrooms upstairs are horrible in winter and summer.  I do not know what folks did 75 years ago, but my daughter moved to downstairs living room coach.

I researched a lot of products and ways to install.  I decided to do some of the sides and roofing, but used ArmaFoil over existing fiberglass and blown insulation.  I used the perforated to make sure I did not cause a vapor or moisture issue.  Once insulation was covered, I just loosely stapled up some more over roof and side trusses.  I then did floor because I wanted area clean!

Immediately after the first quarter was done, there was a huge temperature change in that corner area.  After done huge quiet and low air flow in the lower house.  I have quotes to truss up, add vapor barrier, add insulation, and then add reflective for $5600, but this cost me $300 and huge value add.  I am planning basement wall installation to ?this old house.?

Some Hints.

  • You need two people to hold large lengths while staple person gets tacked up. I did myself and had to cut shorter lengths, which are messier is you want to seal an area with tape.
  • If doing a tight space lay floor first. Does not tear and my dog ran up and down a hundred times, but made a smooth surface for me to pull and slide to next staple down. I did way too many get up get down before figured that out. Plus run a long floor piece makes the roll lighter and easier to manage. Tape is great, seals where you are walking or moving stuff in and out.
  • Also, I did a quarter of the area at a time, but next time would cover all fiberglass or loose first. This makes you able to wear better climate controlled clothing for rest of job. Once the fiberglass was covered, I could wear shorts and knee pads in 85 degree work area.

I, and my contractor neighbors, are totally impressed with this solution to a huge dirt and insulation issue for an old house.
   Baltimore, Maryland

These testimonials are from actual customers.  If you would like to submit feedback, please send us an email and we'll consider posting it.

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