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Smoke Pen


Smoke Pen

Smoke Pen Package Contents

  •     (1) Smoke Pen with Cap
  •     (6) Smoke Wicks (30 min each)
  •     Instructions

Smoke Leak Detector Specifications

  •     Burn Time: 30 min per wick
  •     Total Burn: 3 hours
  •     30 Sec tests: 360

Purchase the Smoke Pen

MSRP: $49.95
Current Price: $39.95


The Regin Smoke Pen is an important tool enabling you to detect air movement and locate air leakage.  This home air leak detector pen emits a continuous stream of light weight white smoke allowing the user to see air movement.  Air leakage can account for 40% of the heat loss or gain in your home.  Finding and sealing these costly sources of heat loss with an smoke leak detector is essential to creating a comfortable and energy efficient building.

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