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Buyer's Tip:

We recommend wearing proper safety equipment when spraying foam.  You might consider purchasing our safety kit.

Spray Foam Type: Quick Cure

Handi Foam Spray Foam Type: Quick Cure

Quick Cure Spray Foam Kit
Safety Googles Gloves Long Sleeves Respirator

    Main Features

  • Two-Component
  • Closed Cell
  • High R-Value: 6.5 per in.
  • Density: 2.0 lb/ft³
  • Fire Rating: Class 2
  • Easy to Use!
  • GREENGUARD® Certified

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(Additional discounts up to $65 per kit based on volume)

  Kit Size (Volume)  MSRP / Sale Price* 
600 BDFT (44.1 ft³)
** Best Seller **
$820.00 / $799.00
179 BDFT (14.9 ft³) $409.00 / $389.00
92 BDFT (7.7 ft³) $279.00 / $259.00
22 BDFT (1.83 ft³) $79.95 / $56.95
12 BDFT (1 ft³) $39.95 / $37.95

1 BDFT = 12" x 12" x 1"

HANDI-FOAM® Quick Cure is a Low Pressure Polyurethane Spray Foam kit commonly used for sealing and insulating exterior walls, rim/band joists, basement walls, and foundation walls.  Other uses include: insulating metal buildings, marine applications, and stage props.  Quick Cure is a medium density (2.0 lb) foam that cures to fairly rigid in several minutes.  It can be sanded and painted if desired.

  Technical Information:
        Operating Instructions
        Data Sheet
        MSDS-A  MSDS-B

1040 tax credit

This product qualifies for a 10%* credit on your 2024 taxes.

All Handi Foam kits include: Both tanks (A and B), Gun/Hose Assembly and Foam Spray Nozzles.

*Board foot is a square foot with 1 inch thickness (12"x12"x1").  Product yield dependent upon proper application.

    Spray foam kits ship via UPS or LTL Freight service.
    All shipping options will be provided during checkout.

Note: Use this product only according to the manufacturer's written instructions.

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