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TENMAT® Recessed Light Cover (FF130E & FF135)

ItemId: RLC-130E

TENMAT Downlight Cover

FF130E (15" x 14" x 9")
inside dimensions

MSRP - $20.00
Buy Now - $17.00 / ea.


MSRP - $375.00
Buy Now - $335.00 / Case (20)


ItemId: RLC-135

TENMAT Downlight Cover

FF135 (16.5" x 16.5" x 10.75")
inside dimensions

MSRP - $25.00
Buy Now - $22.00 / ea.


MSRP - $295.00
Buy Now - $265.00 / Case (12)


Recessed lights are notorious for being inefficient.  These can lights can be extremely leaky and waste a lot of energy as air leaks in or out.™  In addition, they often require a certain amount of clearance between the light housing and the insulation, leaving a few sq ft of uninsulated area in your ceiling.  Our recessed light covers are designed to solve both of these problems.  According to third party testing, the can light insulation covers reduce heat loss through a standard down light by 96.8%

light cover

The patented TENMAT® recessed light cover is made of a fire resistant, flexible material and is designed to install easily over standard recessed light fixtures.  Simply place the can light cover over the light and use foam to air seal and hold it in place.  The recessed light insulation fixture can then be safely covered with insulation.  Use only energy efficient lamps (CFLs or PARs) to avoid overheating older fixtures.


  • Installs between 16" on center joists.

  • Shipping Weight: ~2 lb

  • Lamp Wattages
        CFL: up to 42 Watts
        PAR: up to 90 Watts

Installation Tips:

  • Air Sealing: Use single component fire rated gun foam or tank foam sealants to air seal the can light insulation cover to the drywall.

  • Material: The recessed lighting insulation cover is made from a lightweight flexible material to easily fit between 16" on center joists and will flex around any obstructions.

  • Lamp Wattages: In older non-IC rated fixtures, use lower wattage lamps (CFLs up to 42 watts and PARs up to 90 watts).

Recessed Light Cover

Fire Resistant Video:


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