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Contractor Grade Gun Foam Sealants

ItemId: GF-FIREB24

Gun Foam Fireblock Handi-Foam


  • ASTM E84 Class 1

  • Simple, Fast and Efficient

  • Closed Cell Foam

  • R-4-5 per inch

  • 4403 ft @ 1/4" bead

  • Start, Stop, and Store

  • Use with HT500 or HT300 guns.

By the can...

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By the case...

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$119.95 / case of 12


1040 tax credit

This product qualifies for 10% in energy tax credits.

HANDI-FOAM® polyurethane foam sealants are moisture cured sealants, designed to completely fill and seal small gaps, cracks and voids up to about 3 inches.  Fireblock spray foam has excellent adhesion and expansion characteristics, ensuring a complete and permanent air tight seal.  Gun foam products result in less waste compared to straw foams. This window and door sealant is dispensed through a contractor grade gun for control and ease of use.

Handi-Foam® Fireblock has been evaluated per ICC-ES report ESR-1868.  Fireblock insulating foam sealant is an orange colored foam allowing easy identification by code officials.

Handi-Foam™ Fireblock insulation is designed utilizing a non-flammable blowing agent to assist in the safety of the end user. Handi-Foam™ spray foam, sealants and adhesives contain no Formaldehyde, CFCs, or HCFCs.  This door and window sealing foam contains no VOCs.


  • Yield: 4403 ft at 1/4" bead

  • Size: 24 oz

  • Tack Free: 5 min.

  • Cuttable: 1 hr.

  • Full Cure Time: 12-24 hrs.

  • Type: Polyurethane Gun Foam

  • Fire Rating: Class 1 (ASTM E84)

  • Density: 1.0 lbs/ft³

  • R-Value: 4-5 per inch

  • Closed Cell: Yes, >70%

  • Air Barrier: 0.0025 cfm/ft² @ 75 PA (ASTM E-284)

  • MFTR Part No: P30181

  • Shipping Weight: ~3 lbs

Technical Information:

  Operating Instructions:

  Data Sheet


Safety Equipment:

  Safety Googles Gloves Long Sleeves

Installation Tips:

  • Temperature: Spray foam products are temperature sensitive.  You can spray this foam in colder outdoor temperatures, the key is to keep the core temperature of the can within the proper range of 65-100°F.

  • Adjustable Flow: The HT300 and HT500 guns are equipped with a regulator screw that allows you to control the flow rate and adjust the bead size.

  • Larger Voids: If sealing voids 3" or larger, moisten with a spray bottle before foaming.

  • Safety Considerations: Our Safety Kit includes a tyvek suit with hood, respirator, goggles, and 2 pairs of nitrile gloves.

  • Clean Up: You can clean up uncured foam with Handi-Cleaner.  Clean gun tip after every use.  Clean basket whenever changing cans.  Once foam is fully cured, you will have to remove it by mechanical means.

Optional Accessories:

You may be interested in some of these accessories.

Consumer Grade Gun

Consumer Grade Gun
Contractor Grade Gun

Contractor Grade Gun
Spray Foam Cleaner
Handi-Cleaner (10 oz)
Spray Foam Safety Kit

Full Safety Kit
Safety Goggles
Safety Goggles

Gloves (2 pair)

MADE IN THE USA Looking for two-component spray foam kits?

Note: Use this foam seal spray only according to the manufacturer's written instructions.

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