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LiquidFoil™ Spray on Radiant Barrier


LiquidFoil Pail

Often referred to as a Spray Radiant Barrier or Radiant Barrier Paint, technically LiquidFoil™ is an IRCC (Interior Radiation Control Coating).  LiquidFoil™ currently has the lowest emissivity of any coating on the market making it the highest performing spray applied radiant barrier available.  It is permeable so as not to trap moisture on either side.  LiquidFoil™ is also water soluble for easy clean up.

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(5 gal. pail*)

MSRP: $299.99
Current Price: $279.95


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Key Benefits:

  • Water soluble for easy clean up
  • Lowest emissivity of any spray on coating (0.16)
  • Permeable so it does not trap moisture
  • Easily installed using spray equipment, roller or brush
  • Saves up to 16% on cooling costs while improving comfort
  • Improves the value of your home
  • Coverage: 325-425 sq. ft. per gallon depending on surface texture and porosity


Spray Radiant Barrier applied to roof
  • 1. Wear proper safety equipment: Coveralls, Respirator, Goggles, and Gloves.  Consider purchasing our Safety Kit.

  • 2. Prior to application hand stir or use low speed mechanical mixing.

  • 3. Use one of the approved methods to apply a single coating to the surface.

  • 4. Clean up equipment with soapy water according to manufacturer's instructions.


  • Spray Equipment: Recommended spray pump size of GPM or greater, 2,000 psi and tip size of 0.021.  It may be neccessary to remove filters from the spray rig prior to spraying.
  • By Hand: The product can be rolled with a 3/8" to 1/2" synthetic nap roller or painted with a nylon or polyester brush, however, roofing nails penetrating the surface may make rolling or brushing difficult.

*LiquidFoil™ 5 gallon kits contain 4.75 gallons and typically yield 1,540 to 2,020 sq. ft.
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