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 Buyer's Tip:

We recommend wearing proper safety equipement when spraying foam.  You might consider purchasing our safety kit.

Spray Foam Type: Quick Cure

ItemId: FOAM205

Click for larger image Handi-Foam
The only Low Pressure Foam System with GREENGUARD® certification.
  • Quick Cure

  • Two-Component

  • Closed Cell Foam

  • R-6.2 per inch

  • 205 board foot* yield

  • Start/stop/store up to 30 days

  • ColorWise™ Nozzles

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1040 tax credit

This product typically qualifies for $29.50 in energy tax credits.

Handi-FoamŽ Quick Cure is a Low Pressure Polyurethane Spray Foam kit designed to fill and insulate large surfaces and voids.  It is dispensed using the patented Handi-GunŽ dispensing unit for accurate and precise applications.

Due to its excellent adhesion properties, Handi-FoamŽ provides an excellent insulation by creating a continuous air barrier that completes the building envelope.  This helps improve indoor air quality, lowers heating and cooling costs and drastically reduces energy consumption.  Handi-Foam Quick Cure assist in attaining ENERGY STARŽ rating and/or LEED credits.

Handi-FoamŽ is designed utilizing a non-flammable blowing agent to assist in the safety of the end user.  Fomo Products Inc. is committed to product stewardship and works hard to create products that contribute to healthier indoor environments.  Please see GREENGUARD® Certification for more information.

Kit Contents:

  • Component A

  • Component B

  • Hoses

  • Dispensing Gun

  • 8 Spray Nozzles


  • Board Foot*: 205

  • Cured Volume: 17 ft³

  • Tack Free: 30-60 sec.

  • Cuttable time: 2-5 min.

  • Type: Polyurethane

  • Fire Rating: Class 2 (ASTM E-84)

  • Density: 1.75 lbs/ft³

  • Min. Aged R-Value: 6.2 per inch

  • Closed Cell: Yes

  • Perm Rating: 1.99 (1"), 1.18 (2.5")

  • MFTR Part No: P10720

  • Shipping Weight: 41 lbs

Technical Information:

  Operating Instructions

  Data Sheet



Safety Equipment:

  Safety Googles Gloves Long Sleeves Respirator


foam kit videos

Installation Tips:

  • Temperature: Spray foam products are temperature sensitive.  You can spray this kit in colder outdoor temperatures, the key is to keep the core temperature of the tanks within the proper range of 75-85°F.

  • Change Nozzles: It is important to change the nozzle after you stop spraying for more then 30 seconds.  Failure to change nozzles may result in damage to the spray gun.

  • Reuse Nozzles: It is possible to clean and reuse a nozzle 2-3 times.  As soon as you are done spraying, remove the nozzle and drop it in a can of acetone.  You can also use our Handi-Cleaner to clean out uncured foam.

  • Safety Considerations: Our Safety Kit includes a tyvek suit with hood, respirator, goggles, and 2 pairs of nitrile gloves.

  • Application: Use a slow, steady, smooth motion to spray a continuous layer when applying the foam.  Spray what appears to be just under a 1/4" thickness and it will expand and cure to roughly 1 inch.  Apply additional layers until desired thickness is achieved, allowing at least 10 minutes between layers.

  • Clean Up: You can clean up uncured foam with Handi-Cleaner.  Once foam is fully cured, you will have to remove it by mechanical means.

  • More: Download the full Operating Instructions (pdf)

Optional Accessories:

While each kit come with everything you need to spray foam, you may be interested in some of these optional accessories.

Cone Spray Nozzles

Cone Nozzles (8 Pack)
Fan Spray Nozzles

Fan Nozzles (8 Pack)
Replacement Hose
Replacement Hose (15ft)
Spray Foam Safety Kit

Full Safety Kit
Dual Cartridge Respirator

Tyvek Coveralls
Tyvek Coveralls
Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

Gloves (2 pair)
Spray Foam Cleaner
Handi-Cleaner (10 oz)

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*Board foot is a square foot with 1 inch thickness (12"x12"x1").  Product yield dependant upon proper application.

    Single spray foam kits typically cost less to ship via UPS.
    Two or more large kits typically cost less to ship via LTL Freight service.
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Note: Use this product only according to the manufacturer's written instructions.

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