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Energy Audit


This energy efficiency audit is designed to identify the energy wasters in your home, identify potential areas of improvement, and recommend solutions to help make your home more energy efficient.  An efficient home is healthier, more comfortable and costs less to operate.


Skyrocketing fuel prices and ever increasing electric rates are driving home utility bills up.  The cost of energy is increasing every year.  Virtually all residential buildings waste large amounts of energy translating to higher bills.  This is especially true in older homes.  Fortunately there are many energy improvements which can be made to increase your homes efficiency, and lower utility bills.  Every house is unique and must be individually evaluated to find the best solutions to these problems.

The entire process (evaluation and consultation) generally takes several hours to complete.  Educating the homeowner on building efficiency and energy usage is a large portion of this service.  We can answer most questions you have about buildings and energy efficiency.  This residential energy efficiency audit and consultation can be a valuable tool in making your home more comfortable and lowering those high utility bills.

Key Features:

  • Walk through evaluation for your home
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Thermal Envelope (insulation, windows, infiltration)
  • Identify Thermal Bypasses
  • Attic condition
  • Appliances, plug loads, lighting and more
  • Identify major energy consumers
  • Identify major energy wasters
  • Recommend improvements, upgrades, or repairs
  • Provide general estimates on cost and payback times
  • Educate home owners on energy consumption and utility cost


Home energy audit costs vary depending on your particular project.™  The buildings size, age, location and other factors all play a part in the actual cost.

Schedule an Audit:

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, please call us at (972) 499-4550 to learn more or to schedule an audit.  We work with several experienced contractors in the DFW area to provide this service.

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