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Radiant Barrier Foil for Attics: ARMA FOIL™, Classic Series™, & Economy Series™

Energy Efficient Solutions offers three types of radiant barrier insulation rolls. Find out which radiant barrier foil matches your needs and your budget!.  All of these types of radiant barrier are perfect for attic installations. 

1000 sf Rolls Starting at $143.95

ARMA FOIL™ Radiant Barrier sets a new standard in foil radiant barriers.  Like a carbon fibre tennis raqcuet compared to an old heavy wooden raqcuet, ARMA FOIL™ is lighter but stronger than any other type if radiant barrier insulation roll on the market today.  Also, manufactured with a revolutionary new vapor deposition technique, it is impossible for ARMA FOIL™ to delaminate.  Oxidation-resistant, higher tear strength, and easier to install, ARMA FOIL™ is the top of the line when it comes to radiant barrier foils.

1000 sf Rolls Starting at $106.95

Our Classic Series™ Radiant Barrier is a heavy duty, super high strength radiant barrier insulation roll that takes you back to a classic style.  By heat laminating a 99.9% aluminum foil sheet to a thick polyethylene base, this classic foil is 97% reflective and perfect to be used on the rafters as an attic foil barrier. While it does not come with the oxidation-resistant coating that ARMA FOIL™ does, if a heavyweight foil at an excellent price is what you want, our Classic Series Radiant Barrier is for you.

1000 sf Rolls Starting at $67.95

Our Economy Series™ Radiant Barrier performs with the same efficiency as any other radiant barrier foil on the market. With 97% reflectivity, this Economy Series foil will help you save money both on your electric bills and on the material you use to get there. A Diamond pattern "dental floss" scrim is sewn throughout to provide some strength, and a lighter weight makes installation a breeze.  This foil barrier has been designed to cut energy bills on a tight budget.

Which Type of Radiant Barrier Insulation Roll Should You Use?

ARMA FOIL™ (best seller) - Ease of Installation, Longest-Term Reliability, Light Weight and Very High Tear Strength (General Purpose)

Classic Series™ - High Tear Strength, Shapable, at an Excellent Price (High Roof Pitches, Complicated Trusses, or Exposed)

Economy Series™ - Lowest Cost (Lower Strength) but Still Highly Efficient, for Simple Installations (Normal Roof Pitches)

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